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Gonna try and go to bed cause I am getting too heartbroken over all this music and all these memories. I can’t take it right now. I miss my dad (thank god he’s still here) but I just miss all the time we spent together. I always get this emotional over my dad cause he’s all I ever had and he’s the greatest person in my life and always will be. Now I’m probably gonna go smoke to calm myself down and wake him up cause I’m upset and I miss him.

this song reminds me of driving to my uncle’s house in duarte a little bit before 6 a.m. in my dad’s 78 monte carlo while I try to fall back asleep. 

My dad always had the best cars and best music to go w/ them. I think that’s what I miss most of my childhood. Just cruising w/ my dad to whatever he played that day, going wherever he needed to be. 

I noticed I’ve been getting lighter on my face and legs and tan on my arms (more so my left one cause of driving) and it’s upsetting me cause people are like “wow you look better lighter.” I didn’t go out much this summer to festivals or just during the day so I didn’t maintain this beautiful brown skin like I should’ve been. Gonna make sure I do starting today.

al green always makes me feel like a kid again. Just sitting in my dad’s 65 and driving around el monte. I miss those times.


Heartbeats - A Thousand Miles Away


Anquette - I Will Always Be There For You